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Since 1983 Newmarket Holidays have provided a wide range of coach-inclusive breaks to over ten thousand passengers each year. With over twenty-five years experience the company has built a network or good hotels, reliable airlines and well-stocked itineraries.

Newmarket Holidays have grown to become one of the country’s largest companies specialising in ‘Reader Holidays’. They advertise in some of the UK’s largest newspapers and in many local papers.

Newmarket offer so much choice for every taste and price-range and so they have something for almost anyone. Enjoy a theatre break in London’s West End. Treat the family with a fun family break, including Disneyland Paris. Cruise in the Scottish Highlands. Explore one of the many imperial cities of Central Europe.

This ABTA-bonded company has a large network of departure points from villages, towns and cities, and airports and railway stations throughout England, Scotland and Wales making travel to all their destinations easy.

Other divisions of Newmarket Holidays include Newmarket Travel Services, regarding specialised group travel, Study Experiences, a curriculum-led education travel company, and Sport Experiences, based in the world of sports travel. They have over two hundred employees in their Surrey offices working towards the smooth running of their tours.

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  1. Very poor holiday. Late. Dirty cramped broken coach. Rude bullying, lying, Tour manager, unhelpful rude help desk. Incompetent complaints manager. Because I complained my disabled wife was verbally abused, insulted and we were thrown off the tour and abandoned in Paris to find our own way home. Thank you Newmarket.

  2. Trip to Black Forest. coach drivers very competent. German guest house clean & room good. Courier useless did not give any infomation. Did not stop for coach break untill we had been on the coach for 6 hours on the way there. Food in Guesthouse very poor. Lettice only strarter followed by an anemic burger with boiled watery potatoe was as good as it got.

    We did complain to the courier and were informed “this is German food, madam”. I have been to Germany before and never given food like this, even the crisps were stale and fizzy drink flat we purchased in bar. We would rather of had better food than watered down free cheep wine. Sandra Hill.

  3. My wife and I went on the Christmas to the Black Forest tour with Newmarket The holiday was disapointing, mainly because of the rubbish hotel chosen by the tour company. The coach driver and tour manager did not get on at all; there was a great deal of disagreement between them, and it seems they only spoke to each other when they had to. In my opinion the tour manager was useless and seemed to have no idea of the requirements of holidaymakers. His on-tour commentries were mainly pointless, irrelevant or condescending, with, at one point, a summary of the fall of the Third Reich! Our only entertainment on the holiday was provided by the coach driver. Never again Newmarket!

  4. Beware of the Paris city tour by Newmarket holidays

    I took the Newmarket ‘New Year in Paris’ tour for 2009/10. Absolutely disgusting experience.
    Where to start ? Firstly, the city tour was pathetic. It never stopped for any of the city’s attractions , not even the Eiffel tower or the Louvre museum. All they did was go around the roads and completed the Paris city tour in 1.5 hours. Totally misguided by the brochure . They should call it as a bus tour rather than the city tour. Not worth a single penny.

    Secondly, the tour manager (Sam) was extremely painful. He talked a lot and most of it was absolute nonsense, including lewd jokes and everything else other than Paris. Once he was busy drinking somewhere while the passengers waited in the coach !

    Thirdly, it was extremely ill planned. They dropped all the passengers off the bus for six hours out in the cold (it was end of the year) . That was never mentioned in the itinerary. If you are travelling with kids and elders, then this tour is an abolute no no. You just won’t be warm enough to survive the bitter cold for six hours out in the city without any plan.

    I have been to Paris a few times now , but I can vouch that the one with Newmarket has been the worst one. Never again.

  5. Hi there
    I work as a tour manager for Newmarket and am saddened to read these poor reviews. I had been on a couple of the tours (including Germany and Paris) before working for Newmarket. On all occasions I was treated well and had a fine trip. All the tour managers I know, work very hard to prepare for the trip and to ensure that the holiday makers enjoy their break. I truly believe that these are isolated incidents and most people feel that they have been looked after and have had a good time.

  6. I had a brilliant trip to Paris with Newmarket this month. We had a fantastic driver (Gary) who kept to schedule every day, kept the coach immaculate and even cleaned all the windows before the tour of the city – never seen that happen before. The banter between everyone on the coach was great, we saw all the sites and the tour of the city was well thought out and organised. We had adequate breaks at services but not so long that you got bored and the hotel was clean. I can’t fault it for what it was; a cheap weekend break.
    You do spend a long time on the coach but isn’t that obvious?! If you have a great driver you’ll be well looked after. The rest is up to you.

  7. Just been on the newmarket easter Paris trip, the journey there and back was awful due to a strike by the French ferries 18 hours to get there and 14 hours to get home, however the tour guide Jay and coach driver Jerry were brillant the hotel was lovely, breakfast was good the tours we went on were good as well, however we did speak to some other people who were with newmarket on another coach and they were not happy with anything so i think it depends who you have on your coach with you fellow pasengers, guide and driver as to wether you have a good time or not? guess we were lucky on our coach

  8. Have just come back from a 8 day tour with Newmarket holidays Prague, Budapest ,Vienna and Bratislava thrown in. Can not fault it 10 out of 10.
    Are courier and guide David top man, great bloke and a great sense of humour and he cared and looked after his people it was worth every penny and also very good hotels and lastly the coach driver was A1 Yarislav

  9. Have just returned from 7 cities tour, which although very tiring was pretty good. Our courier (Italian) also talked a lot usually about where we could eat, expensive places (we found our own cafes), where we would meet and at what time, this was intersperced with inane comments so was sometimes very confusing. She also spent a lot of time talking to the driver and those passengers on the front of the coach. Coach was comfortable except when last on you had to sit on the back seat, this was the hotest seat on the coach as the air conditioning did not reach there but the air conditioning unit was located here so it was like sitting in an oven, a bigger coach with another 4 seats would have improved this. Transfers from airport abysmal and took too long, with no refreshments being offered and with very little information given. Hotels very average, one not in the situation we expected the other with food that was inedible. This all sounds very negative, however we enjoyed the cities we visited with guides who gave plenty of information.

  10. I am due to travel with Newmarket Holidays in August on the Euro Disney trip. As I will be travelling with my daughter and a friend I am rather concerned about the reviews.

    I have contacted their headoffice who have sent me a letter stating that the trip will be well organised but some reviews I have read on other sites worry me.
    I am aware that people tend not to write good things, advise would be appreciated.

  11. We went to Disney last October, family of 4 with 6 and 8 year old,with Newmarket. Trip was absolutely great, very pleasant driver, loads of stops, disney video on coach for children. We were upgraded to hotel in Disney resort at no extra charge. Disney was breathtaking, shuttle bus very easy. Whole 2 days were fantastic, definately recommend Newmarket.

  12. Just come back from 7 cities tour. Tour Manager (Pilar) was brilliant and very informative. Very clever lady originally from Scotland but living in Rome. Our driver (Augusto) was a brilliant driver and funny man. The tour itself…seen some great sites, but if your looking for a relaxing holiday think again as you certainly didnt get the time. Quite a few 6.00 a.m. starts, feel as though you need a holiday to get over this when you get back. Wouldnt recommend the Bristol hotel, bit like faulty towers. Minerva was OK! The final day home, we left the hotel at 9.00 a.m. considering the flight was not until 7.50 p.m!! Manchester our final destination, well we arrived at 10.00 p.m. not forgetting the 1hr ahead making this 11.00 p.m. Long day believe me.

  13. My partner and I have just enjoyed another fantastic Newmarket Holiday, ‘The Beatles Experience to Liverpool. Derek the driver was brilliant, felt safe and Peter our tour rep was great, he was fun and very professional, and at times he must have felt a bit annoyed but it never showed, when people were late back to the coach and we were on a time limit but he smiled all the way through. Our Beatles tour guide {Steve} was very knowledgable and it was an excellent tour of the city, hotel very clean and food good and staff very polite.
    Well done!! we’ll be back. Lin Brown & Barry Watts

  14. Booked Italian classic with Newmarket Holidays early 2010
    for Sept Holiday. Checked itenary, Hotels and resorts and all seemed fine. Heard nothing from Newmarket until 2 weeks before travel when we were notified of change to resorts, hotels and itenary. When complaint raised phone agent(s) response was “it says in our Ts & Cs ghat we reserve the right to make these changes.
    So, if you are prepared to take the risk that the Holiday you will get will not be the one you booked then go with these cliensz

  15. Just back from seven cities Italy with Newmarket thought the tour excellent value all very well organised hotels couriers well informed and helpful expected the holiday to be tiring and it was but nearly all the people my friend and I talked to seemed to be of the same opinion as us.

  16. have just returned from a Newmarket 7 cities holiday in Italy, what a fantastic holiday always wanted to do Italy and see the most. Our tour guide Penny was wonderful very informative and organised although i think a little excentric but i think she will agree, our driver Simone was brill and their rapport was good and came over well. I sometimes wonder what people expect of a 3* hol we were in Italy and have to eat Italy food not English bacon and eggs when in Rome etc etc ok i do agree the second hotel we were in could have been a little better and i think for men the brekkie was not enough but i went to see italy and thats what i did thanks to Penny and Simone .


  17. Just returned from a weekend in London to see Cliff Richard at the Royal Albert Hall. Very disappointed as we missed the first fifteen minutes of the concert due to the coach arriving there late! Why were we booked into a hotel in Middlesex when we needed to be in central London? It took us over two hours to get there! It was a friday evening. Surely the driver and tour rep must have realised that the traffic would be horrendous as it always is in Central London! but especially on a friday! Why did’nt he take the quicker route like he did on the way back!? Would’nt book with them again.Make my own way!

  18. Just come back from Cliff Richard at the Royal Albert Hall – tour guide and bus driver excellent – sorry Anne but ours made sure we left Hertfordshire at 5pm to get to RAH on time.

    HOWEVER – the quality of the hotel was dire – Ibis at Elstree – no heating in many of the rooms and hotel staff who couldn’t care less – and I’m not even gonna mention the chaos at breakfast – suffice it to say that I’ve never been in a hotel before where I have had to eat a cooked breakfast with a soup spoon …

  19. Oct 2010 Just back from Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi coast trip. Really well looked after by Julia and, for two of the day trips, Nello. A very enjoyable holiday in good company.

  20. I’m booked with my daughter to go to EuroDisney for a 3 day New Year break, can anyone tell me if the Bus stops in Paris at all on the way home? What time about is it there and for how long?

  21. Tour York Christmas Fayre 27/28 nov 2010.A very happy and enjoyable weekend spoiled by the feeder coach that transported us from Donnington Park to Coventry the heater did not work at all and we were scraping the ice from the inside of the coach it was the coldest night and when we eventually arrived back we were so cold it was difficult to move ,we will use your company again everything else was fine,but please make sure in future that the feeder bus is A1 Yours sincerely Rosemarie Rose and Friends

  22. Pete M – I’m booked on the same trip (3 day Eurodisney New Year break) and i didnt read anything about stopping in Paris. As far as I’m aware we’re staying in a hotel in the Greater Paris area which we’re being picked up from in the morning and coming straight back. I’m just hoping the tickets arrive! I emailed asking when they would be posted and was told they would be posted a week before departure. However with it being Christmas week, there’s bad weather and postal delays i’m concerned they wont arrive on time!

  23. Just returned tonight from the New Year in Paris trip. Had a great time. Tour guide Gail and driver Mark were brilliant. These trips are what you make them and you will never please everyone. Yes it was cold but c’mon it is winter and the coach was lovely and warm. Thank you Gail for a hilarious time and lovely company.

  24. Christmas in the Black Forest. Hotel and food very good. Competent Coach drivers. Useless tour manager. Kept us on the coach for 6 hours without a stop and then only stopped for 1/2 hour with exorbitant motorway prices. Non-existent knowledge of any of the trips and dumped to find our own way. Would have rather just stayed in the hotel. No music/films to put on the dvd (we had films in our cases so could have put them on if known). Made some good friends and kept ourselves entertained so had a great time. Rude, arrogant and intimidating tour manager. Think you need to look at re-staffing of tour managers Newmarket.

  25. Where do i begin? Recently returned from Christmas break in Germany booked through Newmarket Travel. I am 79 years young and this was by far the worst holiday of my life. I was always under the impression that Continental Coaches were comfy with toilet facilities and refreshment. The coach Newmarket provided for us was only fit for the school run. Toilet broke and stank, drinks machine broke, so no hot drinks throughout the journey. To top it all off no heater so everyone was wrapped up in hats scarfes and coats just trying to keep warm. This became almost unbearable when we hit a tail back in Belgium and sat on the motorway for four hours while tour guide attempted to get us into a hotel as it was clear we would not make it to the hotel in Germany. Eventually he managed to sort something out. Now i know the company cannot be blamed for the traffic or weather conditions, but they are completely to blame for sending us on a sub standard coach which should never have left the depot.

    Onto the hotel. Er, well i am struggling to call this place a hotel. When we finally arrived we were met with the most surly, ignorant useless set of people barely alive maquerading as staff. All of us on the coach were by this time gasping for a hot drink only to be told, no you have to wait for evening meal. From arriving to leaving the only hot drinks available were at meal times. Rooms not serviced at all during our stay so no clean towels. Freezing temperatures outside and a flimsy thin quilt on beds. My friend and i asked for blankets and were given one and told to share. We had twin beds for gods sake should we cut it in half. I could go on and on, but as i write bad memories are filling my head.

    I will never, ever book another holiday with this Fred Carno’s Circus masquerading as a travel company. Looking at some of the other reviews on here it looks like I am not alone.

    Avoid the trip to Germany for Xmas treat it like the Black Death. You too may get the school bus

  26. Have had 3 v successful holidays with Newmarket to USA. Worst experience was a 2 night stay in Econolodge, Karlstadt, New Jersey. So bad it verged on farce (but clean sheets & bathroom!) and could see Empire State building by hanging over balcony. And for value for money holidays I’d go again. Nobody else offers anywhere near the price! However, as a lone traveller (60’s) I can expect to pay up to £463 single supplement (why?). Do Newmarket put the likes of us in touch with each other? I think they do on cruises.

    Is there a lone female interested in sharing a room on West coast wonders & grand canyon trip (£1399) in Sept? We could both contact Newmarket to arrange.

  27. BEWARE Newmarket Holidays fill their coaches to capacity and do not reserve any seats for families. I was seperated from my young child at different ends of the coach at the beginning of a very long journey to Paris. If you want to be able to sit with your children DONT USE NEWMARKET HOLIDAYS. As you run the risk of being split up.

  28. Myself husband and daughter booked a newyear break with Newmarket holidays. What a mistake;This break was to be a three night four day holiday.The tickets arrived two weeks before travel ,and lo and behold it turns into a three night three day break,as they have changed our flight times home.loosing at least an extra six hours; time we could have had in this wounderful city.Like another who dared to complain to thier head office i was told tough read the terms and conditions, what a cop out .We continued our booked break only to be met with a catalouge of blunders .Bad reps, overpriced hotel ,and a newyears meal that i could have bought in a transport cafe. I would not recomend Newmarket holidays,but do go to Amsterdam, as the people and city are wonderful

  29. Went to the Titanic exhibition last weekend with my daughter, thoroughly enjoyed the trip , the driver and courier (Glenda) did everything to make this two day event as enjoyable as possible.

  30. Just returned from a Newmarket Holiday in the USA. We went to New Orleans, Memphis & Nashville. We travelled 1,700 miles by coach but it was worth it. This holiday was one of the best we have had. The Guide, Julie, was fantastic as her knowledge of everywhere we went was amazing. We saw and learnt a great deal and the holiday was very good value for money. Our fellow travellers were also very nice and we all got on so well together, we made some lovely friends.
    In Memphis we actually met Cliff Richard who talked to us and was very friendly.
    We will certainly travel with Newmarket again

  31. Just returned from coach trip to Highclere Castle, Oxford with Newmarket Holidays – it was dreadful,long, uncomfortable bus journey – no toilet facilities, we just stopped at various places and were advised to use the public toilets in railway and bus stations, often having to cross very busy roads to do so. Friend and I booked twin room, got double bed and squeaky bed settee – 4 star! I went to reception and was advised they did not do twin rooms and the fact we expected a twin room was due to a breakdown in communications with Newmarket Holiday, was eventually given twin room (they do exist!) I was then told not to discuss the matter with other passengers! I have special dietry needs which appeared to be totally ignored, food uninteresting and cold – rooms were nice even though the sink did not drain out. Driver on way home did not know the way and only thanks to a gentleman passenger giving directions that we got home at all. Never again!

  32. We travelled with Newmarked Holidays in April 2011 on the ‘Easter in the German Valleys’ trip. The coach drivers (Swan Coaches) were excellent and kept us entertained on the journey. The tour manager, David, was very knowledgeable about Germany and did a good job. The trip was lovely apart from the hotel we stayed at (Moselblick), Treis Karden, as it was very noisy and the ‘manager’ was sarcastic and unhelpful. The other down side to the trip was the pick up time (2.40am) and the time we arrived home (1am). Newmarket had advised everyone that we would be home for early evening, and a lot of people had work the next day and only arrived home in the early hours. The trip itself was lovely and the optional excursions were excellent. The down sides were the hotel and pick up times.

  33. my 2 grandchildren & i have just enjoyed a weekend trip to eurodisney with newmarket coaches hotel was good but meals very expensive ,ordered a pissa at rec desk it was very tasty .journey exellent ,thanks to the driver dave who more than supassed his job discription he even joined in with the kids playing i spy and set up a competition for the kids about how much will it cost to fill up the bus in diesel winner got choch.

  34. Be wary of booking with Newmarket – the pick up times for our trip to Germany were ridiculous and after having been informed that we would be home for tea time, we only reached home in the early hours of the next morning and many people had work the next day. The hotel was sub standard and we suffered from noise disturbance and disgusting service from the manager. The only good points were the coach trips and the tour manager!

  35. We have just had a fabulous 8 day trip to Prague Budapest and Vienna. If you are lucky enough to book this trip and have David as a tour guide you will not be disapointed, he was a font of knowledge and advice and nothing was too much trouble for him. This was our first touring holiday so we were a little apprehensive but apart from a couple of early starts and a folklore evening that we would not book again (purely personal taste) we had a stress free tour with local city guides in each City – We felt that we had real value for money and would thoroughly recommend this trip.

  36. Just returned from the emmerdale trip everything was great except the hotel food it was terrible and on the last day they had run out of some foods which is a disgrace after all they knew we were coming if this is the standard of food I will think long and hard about booking again unless something is done about it

  37. Am planning a cruise on the Rhine with Newmarket Holidays sailing in MS Olympia.
    Has anyone any experience of this cruise with or without Newmarket ? Are there any stops on coach to Germany ? What is the boat like Clean cabins ? good food ? etc

  38. I have booked the classic Italy holiday holiday with Newmarket
    Some of these reviews are making me nervous, any one been on it recently?
    can I have your opinion?

  39. Review of Seven City Tour of Italy
    Firstly I feel that I must point out that in my opinion this holiday is only suitable for people who are 100% physically fit, as it entails very early starts, sitting for long periods in a coach and excessive amounts of walking at speed.
    Our holiday started by getting up at 0300 so we could arrive at Exeter Airport at 0500 on the Sunday morning, unfortunately this seemed to set the trend for the rest of the week.
    After travelling from Exeter to Verona for approximately 2 hours we were met at the airport by the Newmarket Tour Guides.
    We travelled from Verona to the Bristol Hotel which took approximately 1.5 hours.
    This is when we found out that none of the coaches have toilet facilities and the A/C did not work that well.
    The Bristol Hotel was disappointing as it is fairly old and tired looking, but at least it was clean.
    Be warned it is a very long walk to the Lake or the resort centre and certainly more than one mile as stated in the brochure.
    The meals are mediocre to say the least, but most of the staff were helpful.
    None of the hotels we stayed at had tea or coffee making facilities or hair dryers that worked.
    In Italy the hotels are not allowed to run the A/C before June so the rooms can get very hot and uncomfortable.
    The only advantage of the Bristol’s location is that it is close to Lidls, (turn left outside the hotel and walk approx 250 yards it will be found on the right hand side).
    So I suggest you go there and stock up with water and any other sort of drinks or snacks as it will work out a lot cheaper.
    As everywhere else including on the coach a 500ml bottle of water will cost at least a euro, whereas Lidls only charge 16 cents for a 2 litre bottle of water.
    We did not stay at the hotel Minerva during the second part of the trip as we ended up in a hotel overlooking it.
    Which although looked promising on the ground floor turned out to be very disappointing once upstairs.
    A number of guests complained about the size of their rooms, and it is very noisy with music going on till very late at night. This was very annoying especially as you had to be up so early for the trips.
    The food was once again very mediocre and drinks etc are very expensive.
    The showers are very dangerous as you either get scalding hot or freezing cold water and little in between, but the staff turned out to be very helpful and the rooms were clean.
    Almost every trip you go on will end up costing you extra in one form or another despite paying for optional excursions in the UK.
    The tour guides seem to have their favourite cafes etc and despite telling you that you are getting a great deal, we found it much cheaper to find somewhere in the back streets to eat or drink.
    I would suggest you also take Mosquito repellent as people were being bitten by something at both locations.
    We were informed that we had travelled almost 4000kms on the coach and it also felt like we had ended up walking miles on the site seeing tours.
    There also appears to be no law about drivers using mobile phones as it seemed to happen quite often on our coach.
    On the final day you have to be up at 0300 to enable you to travel back to Verona Airport, which takes about 4.5 hours.
    The tour guides try their best to keep you informed about all the interesting sights etc, but unfortunately they walk quite fast and if you are not able to keep up you end up hearing very little.
    The trips themselves need to be reorganised as I felt we spent to long in certain places with to much free time. And if like us you are not to sure where you have to meet all the others then you have a tendency to stay very close to one location in case you get lost.
    We also tended to get back quite late so there was little time for socialising or even relaxing.
    If you are willing to accept all this then taking everything into consideration I felt that they managed to achieve what is set out in the brochure, but they could make it much better by reorganising certain items or possibly making it 10/12 days long and letting you have a few breaks in between tours to recuperate.
    It seemed to me that everything had been done at a very restrictive budget; the coaches were in poor condition with internal light fittings etc held in place with masking tape. The hotels were only 2 stars at best; as was the food you were served. The rooms were very small and cramped with very basic facilities which most of the time did not work properly.

  40. We are also going on the MS Olympia Rhine cruiseJune 20th 2011 with Newmarket holidays and wondered if anyone has been on this boat or has any feedback

  41. Recently went on overnight trip to London. Bus took 7 and a half hours from Cornwall a trip that would usually take 4 hours. The driver got list 3 times that we were aware off, possibly more. He didn’t speak to us once to explain stops or breaks. The hotel was in Bracknell 40 miles out of London. Having been on the coach that long when we arrived our room was not ready, we had to wait then get ready in 30 minutes as theciach HAD to leave bang on 4 according to the tour guide- why? She couldn’t explain. The following day we were given 4 hours in London then it took 8 hours to get back. Terrible customer service from a company who obviously just don’t care.

  42. Just returned from trip to Eden project and Lost Gardens of Heligan. With these two attractions in Cornwall why is the Hotel in Torquay? This necessitated a 2 to 3 hour coach journey each way on both days. It was pointless being in Torquay as there was no time to go down into the resort from the Hotel. We left at 8.45am and returned at 6.15pm in time to just get ready for dinner at 7 pm. Surely there are suitable Hotels available in the Newquay area.

  43. Just returned from a 3 night coach trip to Beamish and North Yorkshire. Comfortable coach with toilet facilities. Very sociable driver (Peter) and courier (John) who could have given more information during the trip. Hotel clean and comfortable with good food and helpful staff. All rooms fully equipped with TV, hair dryer, iron and hot drinks. Well planned trip and although all the days were full of travelling and sightseeing I did not feel rushed and not too much was crammed in to the day.
    I would recommend this trip and will certainly travel with Newmarket Holidays again.

  44. Just returned from a castle and lake tour of Bavaria with Newmarket Holidays and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Tour Guide Rae was excellent as was Ricky the coach driver. Overall we thought it was a good quality holiday and would use this company again.

  45. We have just come back from Portmeirion & Welsh Mountain Steam Rail for 4 days,and also been to see James Last early in the year.
    Not happy with both hotels not very clean, food not good and the coach driver and the tour manager did not get on at all.but the driver was great,the tour manager has not been on this trip before and was not very friendly when you speak your mind.
    when we got our tickets for seating at james last we had top row at the back and other people had front seats on the lower level.
    we thought the first break was a one off, but when we went again it was worst so we will never book again with newmarket.

  46. I booked a trip to Tatton Park. I was more than very disappointed with the travel arrangements-the only reason for not cancelling was that the weather forecast was so good. We left Cardiff at 5.15am and took OVER 3 hours to get to the coach at Worcester. The minibus was very noisy and rattled all the way and the heating was faulty. The driver had to stop 3 times to get directions. We had a most uncomfortable ride mainly on A roads. We then had 4 minute break before carrying on to the service station 20 minutes away. On the way to Chester we had ANOTHER 2 pick up points and eventually arrived at 12.30. A seven hour journey just to Chester- we take 21/2 by car.
    I found it incredible that the hotel was in Preston another 60 miles,taking us away from Tatton! This was obviously not for our convenience. The return journey was no better. I really did not expect to spend over 6 hours in an uncomfortable minbus when I booked or to be going so far out of our way to pick up.
    The only positives I can take from this trip is that the flower show was very good and the 2 drivers and tour guide were all extremely pleasant. I blame the organisation for my dissatifaction. I believe the company has been too greedy in making so many pickups for one bus and they must have achieved a bargain price for the hotel, which was in great need of a refurbish. The staff at the hotel were very helpful.

  47. We’d like to recommend the 7 cities of Italy tour to anyone who, like us, hadn’t been before and didn’t know the best places to visit. It is a very busy itinery, and you only really get a glimpse of each place as there is so much to see and experience.
    We were a party of Five from the age of 19 to 75 and everyone of us had a wonderful time from start to finish.
    Our coach driver was Andreas, who kept the coach immaculate, drove amazingly calmly considering the traffic and always had cool water. It cost 1 Euro a bottle, which may seem a lot, but when you were still thirsty after an extremely hot afternoon in the vatican (we’d already emptied our bottles & refills from the fountain), it was well worth the money.
    Our Tour Manager was Penny and, knowing the amazing but tiring journey we would be embarking upon, made sure we were aware of where we should meet, places to eat, drink and make comfort breaks.
    Penny made time to get to know what each traveller wanted out of the experience and made best plans for everyone. Although with so many personal itineries, it became a litle complicated at times to say the least!
    The hotels we stayed in were comfortable and the food was good. All the staff were helpful & polite if there were any issues and it was fantastic jumping in the pool after a hot day and not having to ‘dress’ for dinner.
    We will be returning to Italy, now we know exactly what to expect and where we want to spend more time.
    If you haven’t been on a coach holiday before, my best advice is; learn to get on with your fellow passengers.

  48. My first experience will be my last – Newmarket Holidays let us down – badly!
    We went on the WW1 Battlefields Tour – a moving and poignant experience ruined by the dreadful hotel; it was an absolute disgrace and Newmarket Holidays do not APPEAR to care!
    Truly awful!

  49. Booked a Murdery Mystery week-end on the Severn Valley Railway. Didnt get off to a good start when Newmarket Holidays told us that they would not be picking us up in Reading as advertised but Beaconsfield or we could have a full refund. We managed to get them to pay for a taxi there and back but thought that this might be the start of a bad week-end. Quite the contrary although the feeder coach made us late coming from London we then made our way to the Devere Hotel in Dudley which was undergoing a refurbishment – luckily we stayed in the new refurb rooms and in the morning enjoyed a lovely breakfast. The steam train was beautiful and very clean, the three course meal served on board was good and the actors who acted out the Murder Mystery were superb. The following day we went for a short drive to Worcester and then home. I can honestly say that all four of us thought it had been a terrific week-end and and a great laught and would recommend this trip as being good value for money. Well done Newmarket travel !!


  51. My partner and I have just returned from 5 day trip to Paris.Well, it was actually 2 days travelling.I would like to say that the tour guide ( Caroline) was absolutely brilliant.She couldnt do enough for us and went out of her way to ” pander ” to our every need. She was very informative.She certainly looked after us.I would also commend Bobby the driver for his skill in negotiating his way around Paris in all the horrendous traffic.Terrific holiday made perfect by the way we were all taken care of.
    The only thing that spoiled it was the travelling.From Forfar in Angus to Hull.We sailed to zebrugge which was a bit strange.Why go to Brussels and have to travel for 2 hours next day to get to Paris?
    The ferry was absolutely faultless.The food was great and the restaurant was extremely well organised.
    The worst thing was the Hotel which wasnt even in Paris.We couldnt go out for a walk as there was a ring road just outside.While on the Coach we paid £20 for a meal in advance which was to be served when we arrived.The Hotel had a whole day to prepare this meal and when we were eventually served it was burger chips and peas which were cold.The burgers were raw in the middle and most people didnt eat them.The hotel staff couldnt have cared less.I asked a waitress if we could
    have a coffee at 10 pm and she just looked at me and walked away.
    It was in fact the very worst hotel in which I have ever stayed.
    Other than that , a great time when we werent in the Hotel.Thank goodness it wasnt full board.

  52. Jewels of the rhine tour i was scammed on the price by newmarket other than that hols not bad beware or the guided trips which are a waste of money guys also the rep was more interested in the bar than the clientel
    would not return so dont go

  53. Has anyone been on the trip to the German Christmas Markets with New Market? I have looked on the website and I am planning on booking this trip but after reading some of these reviews I am seriously having second thoughts. Since this is a 4 day trip I do not fancy being stuck on a coach with no heating and with limited stops so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  54. Am thinking of taking the german valley 5 day trip at xmas with Newmarket holidays/ Door2 Door this year + have just been on here to read any reviews I can find before signing up. Am shocked to find very poor reviews here for many of the trips, can’t be that bad surely? Can anyone let me know if I’m going to have a good christmas on this trip before I commit myself with the deposit?

    Thanks, Sonia

  55. We booked an Italian Lakes holiday with Newmarket travel but other than on the coach from the airport to the lake we never saw the rep once in our hotel the royal village, guess they were only interested n the people who booked their tours.

    Also on the way home we should have flown at 12.10pm and eventually got off the ground at 8pm, dont even ask me how the rep handled the delay or how much rubbish mixed information she gave us as I have only just calmed down and its wednesday today.

    First time I’ve booked a holiday with Newmarket travel and it will be my last.

  56. review of coach tip Disneyland NEWMARKET HOLIDAYS
    i took my 5 year old son on this 3 day trip and for the price we paid i cannot be happier with the way we were treated.
    Yes, it is a long journey but like it states it WAS a coach trip to france (11 hours)
    the hotel we stayed in was lovely, breakfast was a little dull however there was always something there that the kids would eat.
    we were picked up from our destination in a lovely, allthough very warm coach but what do you expect when the coach is full of people. we arrived in early evening in time to have a good night sleep for the full day a head. the following day the coach picked us up after breakfast and had us at the park in time for opening, spent the whole day at the park untill closing and was there on time to take us back to the hotel. breaks were regular on the coach, but not excessive, the driver was fantastic and we always were kept informed of any updates and schedules.
    like i said it is a long journey and i would have been happier to pay the extra and stay another day as one day is not enough for the travel involved, however saying that ……… we are looking to book and go again!

  57. I was pleasantly surprised by our trip to New England, as a lot of the reviews here had made me anxious.

    We really enjoyed our holiday to New England. The guide was nice and the coach driver, Greg, was fantastic and extremely helpful. There were a few hiccups that I should highlight- firstly that we were not sat together on the plane despite the fact that we booked the holiday as a couple with newmarket and secondly that we were an hour late to the airport for the return flight.

    However the majority of the holiday went smoothly. When we arrived we were told that we were no longer staying at the hotel they had told us. We ended up staying at a better one- Glen Cove Mansion, which was stunning. We would have liked more time in New York and a more detailed itinerary before travel. I would recommend doing your own thing if you can for the morning in New York. It also worked out well to do our own day in Boston rather than doing the tour as we got to spend more time there. The Natusket Beach Hotel kindly organised a taxi to pick us up from the ferry dock, so it was very convenient.

    The Green Granite Inn was in New Hampshire was pleasant and very close to the outlets. It was a a bit of a walk to local restaurants. We loved the trip on the highway through the mountains and were lucky enough to see a moose. We also managed to squeeze in a trip on the steam railway, but I’d advise asking the coach driver to drop you there, as Greg kindly did, as it is a 45 minute walk from the hotel.

    Overall a great trip & great value, but would advise doing your own thing on some days to get the most out of the trip.

  58. Just been to Germany with Newmwarket Travel on their Christmas market Rhine Cruise. The Cruise its self was very good the boat, staff and food were excellent. However Newmarkets organisation was very poor. The Ferry company had gone bust. Sea France were honouring the tickets sold by booking you on alternative crossings. New Market did nothing to organise these crossing It was left to the bus driver to get the booking on arrival at the Sea France check-in on arrival. Our out bound crossing was changed from Dover to the tunnel with an additional 2 hour wait. The return trip booked from Calais was initually changed when we arrived at Calais (at 3.00pm) to an 8.00pm crossing from Dunkirk. our driver refused this crossing as he would run out of driving time at 9.30pm. The second coach driver went to Dunkirk and then had to drive back to Calais. We eventually got on a ferry that left at 6.00pm from Calais but we would not have got this if it had not been for our driver calling everyone he could.

    We also had a complaint about an optional excursion to the Colonge markets. I beleive that this trip was just a way of getting more money out of us. It left the boat at 1.00pm and arrived in Cologne at 2.45pm we were allowed only 2 hours in Cologne. Leaving Cologne at 4.45pm and arriving back at the boat at 7.00pm 30mins before the evening meal. We should have been warned that we would only get 2 hours in Cologne and that we would not have time to see Koblenz or its markets due to the time we returned. The itinarary states that there would be time for both.

    All i can say is i will never book anything with Newmarket Travel again and will state this on as many sites as i can find. and if i had to rate them it would be as follows
    Organisation = 0
    Excursions = 0 (value for money)

    If you are considering booking with Newmarket please beware. My advice is book with someone else.
    I have sent my complaint to Newmarket and have not bothered to reply, they have got my money but they will not be getting anymore.

  59. My wife and I did Follow the Fall trip last October. To say it was a shambles would be an understatement. It went wrong from the very beginning. We had booked to fly to Boston and return from Raleigh Durham. When our tickets arrived a couple of days before departure we found we flying to Raleigh Durham and returning from Boston. We were subjected to four hours of Barbara Streisand on the long coach trip to Richmond. The tour guide was and old lady (at least 75) and she was at odds with the coach driver . She had little idea of where we were going and her knowledge of the places was rudimentary. She did nothing to arrange seating on the coach which became a free for all with all the worst aspects of British behavior witnessed. One passenger requested a wheelchair at Williamberg and we all had to sit on the coach for two hours whilst she sorted it out. This shortened our time there considerably. Our next stop was Washington. Our tour of Washington for which we had paid over Pds28 per person consisted of a one hour walk around the park to see 4 war memorials. At every juncture our guide told us that it was customary to give a tip of 20%. I would like to say the tour got better. It didn’t ,it got worse. Will I travel with Newmarket Tours again?Not if they paid me to do so. I have definately voted with my feet.

  60. I booked a “trip of a lifetime” for myself and my husband to America with Newmarket Holidays on the Golden West tour for 3/6/12. This holiday has been booked since May 2011.
    I received a letter on 11th March to say that the holiday had been rearranged from Gatwick to Heathrow and the dates changed so departure was now Weds 30th May, not Sun 3rd June. If we wanted to accept this new date we were to contact Newmarket by Thurs 15th March
    Obviously this sent us into a panic and we frantically started trying to rearrange our a/l. I was working a long shift on Monday (0730-2000, I am a midwife) so couldnt call til Tues 13th.
    I called at 0940 and a rude operative said if I didnt want the new dates he would cancel! I stated that I did not want to cancel as I was rearranging a/l but would like a customer service advisor to call me back…….I waited all day with no call back and no reply to 3 emails.
    I called again weds 14th to be told “sorry you cant go 30th May now either as we have given your seats to another group, your only choice is 23rd May or a refund of your deposit!!!!
    SO, after having had the holiday booked for over 9 months and calling before the cutoff date to accept the rearrangement, our holiday is now cancelled. We both caused a lot of upheavel at work and have now been left high and dry. Customer service is non existant and their staff are rude and uncaring.


  61. I have just come home from a GREAT time in Moscow & st Petersburg, in Moscow we were met by Tatyana who took us around Moscow sightseeing to the Red square the Kremlin & much more for two days, she worked very hard to make sure we had a good time there, the hotel was a holiday inn & the staff also made us very welcome, the hotel is very clean and the security is up to date; you had to put your room key in a slot of the lift to get to your floor so that no one could come in off the street and go up in the lift, I am very impressed.
    Then we were put on an overnight sleeper to st Petersburg; the train was old but clean beds a bit narrow, we had a small breakfast on the train (omelette or fried egg with ham) tea or coffee; in the corridor there is a place to get drinking water but I would say don’t drink it! for the rest very good journey.
    In st Petersburg we were met by Tanya also very good; she also worked very hard to make sure we had a good time here, I would say the highlight of the whole trip for me was the folk song & dance show followed by a meal in the Nikolaevsky Palace – out of this world – excellent. The hotel we stayed in was also very clean, and we felt the security was good and the staff were very helpful. Lovely breakfast etc only no kettle in the room this time! Overall well worth the money; well done to all involved and hope to do it again some time. Highly recommended!

  62. Some years ago I had THE most awful holiday in the Isle of Wight, the hotel was about as disgusting as you could get, my friend and I had to eat out because of the vile food served, I could go on at length about the state of the bedroom/en suite but I would have flashbacks and I don’t want to go through it all again, it’s something I will never forget! It was with Newmarket Holidays and I vowed never to use their services again.
    Thinking things would have improved I booked again with this company for the Monkey World Trip and, unfortunately through no fault of my own, I had to cancel (within plenty of time before the date)…..I had paid £30 deposit and it appears they DO NOT refund any of the deposit – win win situation for them then!!! My first opinion of this company seems to have been proved correct and they seem to be carrying on the tradition of being totally unsatisfactory.
    I can honestly say I will avoid this company like the plague in future as I can’t afford to think “third time lucky”……..

  63. The Newmarket feeder coach failed to pick us up for an overnight London break, it was waiting at the wrong place, but it took 28 days, before the company would admit their mistake, apologise and pay the compensation. Despite letters, emails and phone calls, they seemed determined to use up their ‘statutory (they said) 28 days’ to sort out our complaint. Our first and last booking with Newmarket.

  64. We have just returned from our first trip with Newmarket to Lake Garda, Venice & Verona. We flew direct to Verona from Newquay which was brilliant. No extra travelling or parking costs as family could drop us off. I was a little concerned about the tiny airline ( Small Planet ) but they were very professional- only a 2 hour flight so no meal but there were snacks and drinks on board. Flight was on time and pick up at Verona well organised. The rep on the coach gave us plenty of info on the way to hotel and the hotel was obviously aware we were going to be late and had full dinner waiting for us.
    Lyn the senior rep cam the next morning to meet us all and she was the consumate professional. Lovely sense of humour and if Lyn didn’t know it i imagine it wasn’t worth knowing. We had an early start for Venice on day two but breakfast was laid on ( no packed luches for us at the Drago, Assenza di Brenzone). Weather aside ( we were in Venice when the tornado hit – very exciting!) We had a brilliant day- Our rep Terry was well up on all the info and such a comedian. The next day was a trip around Lake Garda by coach and boat. Lyn was our rep that day and I can honestly say everything went like clockwork and she was great. Again full of information and tips and answering our questions fully, with patience and good humour.
    Next day was our trip to Verona, I’m afraid the rep on this tour was not quite up to the job. She did not talk to us at first except to say she was talking to the driver a moment. After about 30 mins she told us we were on our way to Verona but apart from a couple of disjointed comments, again did not talk to us. When we got to Verona we walked to the square where we would meet up at the end of our day but she could not tell us where to go or where to find info ( she rang Lyn and asked for street maps- not sure why she hadn’t thought of that). Our little group went across to the Arena and bought a map and did our own little tour. When we cam back to the square she was nowhere to be seenand was last to arrive, then walked off back to the bus without telling anyone except the two or three that were right next to her. She had admitted it was her first trip on her own and we were prepared for a few slip ups but I don’t think she had prepared as mucj as she should have done. The last trip was up into the mountains and Lyn was again our rep,. I noticed the other rep accompanied her and was writing notes all day so hope she was better prepared for the next time. This was another highlight ( another was standing on the Rialto Bridge, watching the water traffic on the grand canal). We had an absolutely excellent lunch at the restaurant and enjoyed a relaxing day. Lyn knew exactly when to talk to us and when to leave us discover something ourselves.
    After another free day it was time for home and although we did not know it our flight had been diverted to Breschia airport. Again we had the new rep and she only said we were going to Breschia- the impression being that we were picking someone up. Then we realised how far Breschia was and someone asked why we were going there. She then told us about the diversion. When asked at the airport why she hadn’t said she told us she assumed we knew. In my opinion you should tell people these things more than once- if we already knew -fine- but it is better to be told twice than not at all. Newmarket organised everything on time and the hotel was brilliant. They have a gem in Lyn- I can’t praise her enough.

  65. I have just returned from a Newmarket Holydays Italian 7 Cities tour. Italy was beautiful and well worth seeing but I would not recommend Newmarket and will never use them again. The first hotel, the Bristol, was in Riva del Garda which was an hours drive from Verona which had to be driven through each day so in all there were six wasted hours going up and down the same road. Air conditioning was fitted but we were told it was not working but the truth came out in that it was not turned on because ‘it was not hot enough’ Rooms were very small and noisy. Food was OK. The second hotel, The Cristallo in Chianciano Terme, had hard floors in the bedrooms which made it very noisy and the food was appalling. Time at each of the cities was very limited because of the daily distance travelled to stay in a cheap hotel. I felt that Newmarket Holidays should be renamed ‘Downmarket Holidays’. I would rather pay a reasonable amount more for better quality and have a far more positive holday experience.

  66. I recently returned from New York and Niagara falls holiday with Newmarket Holidays, never used them before and will never use them again! Holiday was badly planned, the itinery I obviously knew before I went, but didn’t realise the distances involved between destinations,my fault, and consequently the amount of time spent coach travelling. Anyway it would have been much better to do all you wanted to do at Niagara, then coach down towards New York, and fly home from New York.I realise cost may have come into this arrangement, but I would much rather have paid more and done it this way. Instead, it involved 8 hours on the coach one day, and after doing New York, 8 hours back to Niagara, which seemed ridiculous. We lost 2 whole days travelling on the coach,Out of a 7 night holiday. In addition there was hours of coach travel to get to Washington and Philadelphia, and back to hotels.Apparently, we covered 1600 miles in the week on the coach, which was very boring, and tiring. The hotel in Niagara was ok, but the hotels we were in for the other nights were a long way from anywhere and in the middle of nowhere.
    Our New York hotel was 50 miles out of New York on Long Island. Newmarket also changed the itinery, not visiting Gettysburg, which some people had particularly wanted to visit, and they had not told us beforehand.Allegedly, to save some travelling!
    I saw what I went to see on this holiday, but I cannot say it was enjoyable, and nearly all the people on the trip felt the same. I did contact Newmaket on my return with my comments, but I dont feel they really adressed them. I will never travel with Newmarket again, and will not recommend them.

  67. I have been trying to contact Newmarket Holidays by phone for the past three days.
    It rather looks as though once you have paid no one is interested. Have left a message with the person that booked me in, twice and she has not returned my calls and have also rang the main number and still hanging on forever.
    When I booked I was not asked what seating arrangements I would like for meals i.e. to be seated at a table of four or more and First Sitting.

  68. Just returned from a trip to Maastricht to see Andre Rieu in concert, a lovely trip with pleasant driver and courier. The hotel was comfortable and clean. The only “fly in the ointment” were the for passengers who thought that the time we were asked to be back to the coach was meant for everyone else not them, they came back everytime at least 30 minutes late and the last time made us miss the train crossing time so were late back to the UK. very selfish and I along with others hope that they were the last to get off the coach!!!.

    If you book a coach holiday you know that you will have lots of pick ups, and the holiday is cheap compared to flying etc. we have always had satisfaction from Newmarket, but then we have only done short trips.

  69. I have just experienced a very disappointing trip with Newmarket Travel. We were off to a bad start when, having arrived at the bus station at least 20 minutes early, the coach driver failed to include us in his pick up. He apparently stopped on double yellow lines and immediately roared off. He realised he had miscounted when he arrived at the mustering point. He then had to return to collect us. We had by then been waiting well over one hour. The driver did not know his way around and needed me to direct him to Bishops Stortford – joking it should be me driving the coach (He was right!). A quite frightening journey ensued until we finally caught up with our Main Coach – complete with fellow travellers who had also been waiting well over one hour. The main coach driver did his very best to ‘make up time’ but the route toward Chester was tortuous with a further five pick up points through town centres on a Saturday morning. We arrived in Chester at 3 p.m. and had to leave at 5p.m. for our onward journey to a one night stay before attending the Tatton Park Flower Show. The hotel chosen had a ‘bumper night’ with five coach loads of tourists staying for one night. It was a very ‘tired’ struggling hotel. We enjoyed the Tatton Park show, AND the sun shone, so all was not lost. I did speak to fellow travellers who had booked and arranged to pick up the coach at one point only to be told very late in the day that they had to go elsewhere to be picked up – they had to get a taxi because of the early timing and this cost an extra £50 on their weekend away.
    This was not an exclusive weekend away, but it was very poorly organised and with one main driver trying to organise his hours and rest periods on such a long journey there were further complications with the route and where and when to stop.
    Newmarket Travel are very cavalier in their treatment of clients, and disastrous in their ability to organise an effective and seamfree experience.

  70. this is a complaint i made about Newmarket 2 weeks ago – i have received no reply – i will never use this company again my complaint was as follows

    You will have received many complaints about the flight from Verona to Gatwick (not Manston!) on 8/9 July 2012.

    The experience of this episode of the delay at Verona, and other aspects of the holiday, has for me fatally damaged your credibility as a company.

    First of all the delay at Verona. You will know of course what happened. Not the airlines fault there was an aircraft problem but why do you use an airline that did not have the resources to source quickly a battery or whatever the problem was – seemed to us the delay was caused by total incompetence and lack of preparation and by the airline trying to get a cheaper deal, ( refusing to pay for the inspection etc), that led to a time delay which meant the crew could not fly.Why do you deal with a company that was so dishonest to us not telling us what was happening and insulted us all by offering a sandwich and drink as compensation.(not dinner!) You are complicit with their deceit by implying in your letter that Manston was not available when we were told by Manston that they kept the airport open.

    Why were we only told we were going to Gatwick when on the plane when it was too late to get in touch with friends relatives etc etc. It was the Airport staff at Verona who brilliantly picked up the pieces by helping us. No thanks to you as a company who knew about the situation , as some of us called you, but you did not even send a message explaining the situation and get one of your local reps to come down to the airport – utter and total incompetence and a failure of a duty of care to your passengers, some of whom as you know were very vulnerable.

    Your offer of 20% off the next holiday is a joke – 20% off what we had paid would be better and restored some credibility with a frank admission of your failures. In fact it would be in your own interest to have offered compensation on this holiday as you have now lost customers for ever, and not only lost us but lost and damaged your reputation.

    A company that advertises in the Guardia/Observer/Sunday Times etc is assumed to have some credibility but you have lost it.

    I have other complaints. I was the only one from Manston on the 7 cities tour – I was a single traveller. You must have known that I would be left at Verona airport very early on the day of departure – I arrived around 2pm I think and knew I had a long wait. Your rep gave me 20 euros for a meal but my point is that you knew of the logistical problem of getting people to airports and you should not have taken my booking from Manston knowing this, or at least you should have advised me of the implication so I could have made a decision.

    I also complain of the way single travellers are treated. On arrival at the hotel with a temperature of 35 degrees I was taken to a small room, very pokey with no air conditioning – I asked for a room with air conditioning and was given one. Another single traveller arrived at around 5am that morning and was shown to the same room I had refused -at that time she was in no position to object and stayed there for 3 days. The hotel had plenty of spare rooms – the hotels need you as a company and should should ensure that single travellers do not have to endure the dross and left overs. You should also ensure that all your clients are given air conditioning when in temperatures in the high 30’s.

    This situation happened again at the second hotel where we stayed for 4 nights – the rooms were ok but the most basic when other rooms were available ( one of the hotels you use was closed because of the recession) – I repeat you have the power if you cared to insist that single passengers are not treated as second class citizens especially when other rooms are available – you could also set out terms that in addition to the supplement we pay we could pay more to guarantee a decent room.

    I wish to complain about Diana your rep. She is more suited for the Benidorm TV series that the 7 cities tour but maybe she is too much even for Benidorm -there were in my view quite a few issues with her but what gives a good indication of what she was like, i.e. loud and crude, is the “joke” she told just before the arrival at Asissi – it involved nuns and a disgusting sexual reference – ask her to tell you it see what you think. I am very broadminded but in the context we were in, the gender/age/ethnicity,the deep religious feeling of some, and for some of us maybe not religious but moved by being there, it was totally unacceptable – maybe the fact that you tolerate someone like her or don’t know what she is like is a summary of your whole attitude to the incident at Verona. You have not learnt from Verona as your letter of apology re iterates false information, the airport at Manston was available for example……I could go on but enough.

    I have not been able to write this complaint earlier as just after coming home I have moved – all part of some difficult personal circumstances that caused me to choose going on your holiday which I now regret

    John Roberts

  71. Does anyone have any tips about what I should take on a three day coach trip to Maastricht in July 2013 to make our journey comfortable, particularly regarding food, snacks, drinks, flask etc. I don’t want to carry too much if it’s not necessary but neither do I want to feel obliged to purchase expensive meals and drink. Thanks in anticipation.

  72. Hi ive just got back from a Christmas market river cruise with Newmarkey holidays in my oppinion the trip is one day short should be five days not four and heres why lets start with the bad
    Coach was one hour late arriviing at Dover should of been 8.45 turned up at 9.45 consequently missed booked ferry and could not get on one until 11.15 this meant that we did not get to Calais till 14.00 French time so did not get to ship until 20.45 then we had to sit down to dinner at 22.00. ” Not good”
    The return trip was in my oppinion rediculous as too early a ferry was booked from Calais that left no time for any stops the only stop we had was 20 mins in a 6.5 hour journey to Calais ” Not acceptable” no time for stop at Chocolate factory or City of Europe which for some customers is an important part of the trip.
    The Ship
    Well absolutely brilliant as was Lisa our tour Manager could not praise her and the crew highly enough great food fantastic customer service and all in all a great time was had at the various locations ” The only thing i would say is the ship could do with going to cologne as its the largest city with the most Christmas markets.”
    Apart from that Ship stay was a very pleasent experiance with excellent cabins & food.
    To sum up sort the travelling out and youve got a winner as i feel the travelling issues could put a lot of people off from going again.

  73. Disastouous experience with Newmarket travel (Disneyland Enchanted Experience) Well it certainly was an experience I would like to erase.
    Advised pick up time would be 04 30 but was actually o8 30.
    Goodish journey over to France , but once at the hotel the experience just got worse, the not so attentive rep Marie was more interested in answering her mobile phone and said to us your room is down there block number second floor,and gave us our envelope which contained our room key and our park passes.
    However when we finally found our block and room (poor signage and lighting at Santa Fe ) We found nothing in our envelope bit of a disaster with a very excited four year old who wants to go to the loo
    My daughter walked all the way back to reception to comment on this ,only to be told that all the tickets and passes had been counted out so we must have lost them and would have to buy new park tickets etc.
    We managed to get into the room and the rep did give us one adult pass to get into the park next day (but according to her she didn’t have to do this) .We were told to come to reception the following morning at seven and our tickets would be sorted out so we could gain entry to the park an hour before it opened to the public.
    However next morning at 7 am no rep hotel staff stated she wouldn’t be down till 9 because she had late arrivals about 2 in the morning (thought was that was odd reps are usually up late its in the job description surely).This meant we could not go to the park early as planned.Two adults getting more and more angry and one disappointed 4 year old
    When rep arrived at 9;15 she said we found your tickets last night in an unmarked envelope ,so why could the tickets etc not have been brought to our room or left at reception for us to pick up ,and no apologies.,and then for her to say out of 468 travellers this was the only problem they had had,and for me to have a nice day. I cannot print how I wanted to reply.
    When we finally got to the park approx two and half hours late the queues had obviously grown but never mind still had a wonderfull time in the park.
    Departure Day we were told pick up would be 10;00 so all of us waiting no coach to pick us up then told 11:00 (other coaches were there for newmarket but not ours) when we tried to talk to rep she just walked away and got on a departing coach,leaving another rep Pam to answer our questions which she did apologising saying our coach would be arriving shortly which it did.
    So Travellers be aware
    I would never use them again
    We still have had no response from Newmarket travel yet

  74. We are due to sail from Bristol in April and the ship we are sailing on has already been switched.I wanted to book a excursion and listened to a recording for 47 minutes ,eventualy gave up.Sent an email no reply so far.Customer service asked to call back ,now 1725 closes at 1730!

    Looking at all these complaints is worrying to say the least.Our trip is celebrate my birthday74 my wife 64 and our wedding anniversary36years.

    Will let you know

    David Welsh

  75. I have been on 2 trips with Newmarket and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The first trip was to Edinburgh Christmas market 2012. Picked up on time, great driver and arrived at time stated. The hotel was very clean and staff were friendly. Had a couple of great tours around Edinburgh and lots of free time.
    The second trip was Paris in springtime 2013 and again, the bus ran on time and the driver and guide were fantastic. The guide was very knowledgeable and took us to some great places which we otherwise would have missed. The hotel was very clean and staff were friendly and helpful and the breakfast was very good. We even arrived home a little early.

    Perhaps the shorter trips work better, but I have to say, I have some great memories because of this company.

  76. My wife and I have just returned from a holiday in Montecatini Terme, Italy staying at the Grand Regina Hotel. This hotel was certainly not a 4* as advertised and personally we would not have rated it more than 3*. The food was not of good quality and not particularly inspiring. However the restaurant staff were very attentive and pleasant but we could see quite clearly they seemed embarrassed at times to serve the food to us because it certainly was not up to the mark. The hotel was very clean and well furnished but it was a pity there were no tea/coffee making facilities in the rooms – perhaps this is the norm for Italian hotels? The tours we took (Portofino, Siena & Florence) were not really well organised particularly the boat trip to Portofino – we felt as though we were in a cattle market with there being hoards of people trying to get on the boats. Florence was no better. We had a very long walk from the railway station to the city centre following our tour rep with her clipboard trying to make our way through very congested pavements and roads – perhaps the drop-off point for this tour could be better situated.

  77. Went to Italy with my husband for the first time with Newmarket by coach in 2004.We went to Lake Garda.Had a great holiday.Claire was our tour guide.See was a great guide.We had to good coach drivers.We have now found out ,Newmarket do not do coach only toures any more.

  78. I have been on many escorted coach tours to USA/Canada in the last 10 years or so. Originally we used Jetsave (Wonders of the Golden West, East Coast, Route 66, Western Canada), however, we switched to using Newmarket for the last three years as they are considerably cheaper and also due to our last Jetsave tour not being up to scratch…(tour guide was an elderly Brummy woman who frankly didn’t give a damn about her group and seemed more intent in ensuring she had a good holiday and that she was first checked in to each hotel, blow the rest of us! I might add Jetsave acknowledged our letter of complaint but made no effort to compensate or provide us with discount…so-long Jetsave!)

    In terms of Newmarket, we have done the Charlston, Savannah & Blue Ridge Mountains tour in 2011. This was an excellent trip – our tour guide, Cole, was very well informed and she did a good job considering we were essentially the “pioneers” of this trip as it had not been done before. Charlston and Savannah are fanastic cities. Also get to see Richmond, Williamsburg, Shenandoah National Park.

    In 2012, we did the Elvis Presley New Orleans, Memphis & Nashville tour. We also had a great experience on this trip, in fact our favourite Newmarket holiday. Our tour guide was Lex, who sounded exactly like Forrest Gump. He was Memphis-born and raised so he kept us all entertained with his knowledge of the local areas and especially as he said he used to know Elvis (although by the end his Elvis-stories started to contradict each other, but hey, the guy was funny and who wants a grumpy tour guide?!) Our driver was Cowboy Don, he was excellent and we all felt in safe hands. Graceland was great, even for me who isn’t a massive Elvis fan, you simply cannot appreciate his fame until you see these parts of USA. The Sun Studio tour was great, you get to see the very spot where the likes of Elvis/Johnny Cash etc. recorded. We did feel a little unsafe in Memphis downtown at night, if I have to be honest. Nashville was excellent – definately worth a visit, as was New Orleans – simply inspirational parts of the country.

    This year we did the New England in the Fall trip, and I’m sorry to say this was our last Newmarket trip due to the standard of this holiday and the apparent lack of understanding from Newmarket upon our letter of complaint.

    Our areas of concern with this trip were as follows:-

    – Above all, our tour guide Jack. We were deeply disappointed. Tour guides on these type of holidays can be deal breakers as you are essentially reliant on them for most things and they can ultimately ruin your holiday if they are bad. Jack was one of those for us. He was disorganised and unclear in his timings which is a crucial part of these holidays. As a result of his being unclear, we were stuck waiting on the bus in New York for over an hour and we actually had to leave without picking some of our group up in the end (Presumably they had to make their own way back to our hotel in New Jersey). Not a good start. Jack failed to tell us each morning where we would be heading that day, so it felt at times like a magical mystery tour. Also he remained virtually silent on various stretches of coach travel, not telling us anything about the areas we were visiting. He only spoke about New York because thats where he came from. A major, major fail on Jack’s part was when the coach broke down (oh yes, that’s right) on the day when we were supposed to be seeing the Kancamagus Highway (the fall colours). We broke down in the middle of nowhere in Vermont and it was up to the driver to investigate the problem. We were then lied to by both Jack and the driver who told us that the nearest garage was a mile away (it was a lot further) and it turns out that the problem was a broken fan belt. The driver told us that he had a replacement fan belt on the coach, he just needed a mechanic to fix it. Fair enough. We waited a good hour before the mechanic came out and reported that the replacement fan belt was the wrong size. Yes, that’s right, the spare fan belt on the coach was the wrong size for the actual coach. As a result of this, we had to wait for the mechanic to return again (at least 45 mins) but the fan belt he brought was not a good fit. Jack was not of assistance throughout this entire time and sat on the coach in silence. One of the passengers told him we couldn’t be kept in this condition for much longer (no toilet/no food) and he merely said he knew that. Phone reception was not available unless you walked 10 minutes up the hill (as our fellow passengers discovered) but Jack made no efforts to do this to call Newmarket. We therefore, after a good 2.5 hours, limped down to the nearest town where we had to stay for a further 2-3 hours whilst the coach was fixed. This town had about 3 shops and 2 cafes. Once we were finally back on the road, we did not pass through the Kancamagus HIghway (the scenery upon which most of us booked this trip for) until dusk, when the sun was almost set thus making it impossible to see the fall colours – pointless! We arrived at our hotel (Fox Ridge Resort) very late (getting on for 8:00pm) meaning a rushed dinner and off to bed.

    Many of our fellow passengers confirmed how down they felt about this – a real deal-breaker for us. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware break downs happen (in fact we had one with Jetsave but this was sorted out smoothly) but the way in which Jack dealt with this was, in our view, entirely unsatisfactory. If the coach had had a proper service/check over prior to the trip, and was equipped with the right fan belt, this delay would not have happened.

    – Due to the misty weather conditions in New York, the people who had booked a helicopter trip and the trip to the top of the Rockerfeller Centre had these trips cancelled. As a result, Jack apparently said to these people that, at the end of our trip, we would come back to New York on the way to the airport and they could attempt to do these trips again. This was in total disregard of the rest of us (who in fact didn’t want to go back to New York and instead wanted to see Newport, Rhode Island and the Cape Cod which was promised in the intinerary). The news about the New York re-visit spread like gossip on the coach. On the penultimate day of our trip, Jack held a “vote” on the coach as to who wanted to do what. Thankfully, the vote went in favour of the Cape Cod, but it worries me to think that it could have gone the other way.

    Upon our return to the UK, I wrote a very honest, candid six-page letter to Newmarker setting out our areas of concern about this trip (I might add, I haven’t outlined all of these cocerns in this review). Newmarket wrote back, having “investigated” our concerns to say, in a nut shell, they were sorry for what we put up with but that they were not prepared to offer us any compensation or discount on future trips. The letter was concluded by hoping that we would choose to travel with Newmarket again! You would have thought, seeing as this was our third trip, they would be keen to get us on board again and offer us an enticement of some sort, but this was sadly not the case. Clearly Newmarket did not care enough, and as a result we shall not be booking with them again.

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