Motts Travel

Since the 1960s Motts Travel has grown into Buckinghamshire’s most highly respected and successful coach operator. Motts Travel have an extensive programme of trips throughout the UK and to Europe. They have a wide range of daytrips, including the Hampton Court Flower Show, Eastbourne and The Isle of Wight, plus many more throughout Northern France and Belgium. Longer duration holidays can be taken to Austria, Germany, Holland and Italy, amongst many other European countries.

Motts Travel recently realised their dream to acquire a 2.5-acre site in which to store their fifty state-of-the-art, luxury coaches. By owning their own transportation, Motts Travel can monitor the cleanliness and reliability of their service and therefore keep to high standards.

A number of their brochures can be pick up from travel agents throughout the South of England or requested from the website.

They have a range of departure points in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and throughout the South of England.

Motts’s coaches are also available to hire private for schools, churches or simply friends and family. Motts Travel will be on hand to support and arrange itineraries for you and your group. Quotations can be gained from their office or on their internet site.

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