Edinburgh Tattoo with Shearings

The Edinburgh Tattoo is one of the greatest shows on earth and you can join in the festivities with Shearings.

They include tickets for the show where you can be witness to colourful marching bands, displays of cavalry, highland dancers and so much more.

An illuminated Edinburgh Castle is the ultimate backdrop to this show and will leave you with lasting memories. You will have time at leisure in Edinburgh to explore the charming streets of the old town and the various museums, restaurants and bars throughout the city.

Also included in this tour are two sightseeing excursions to nearby attractions. Over the available dates there is a variety of hotels wonderfully situated around West and East Lothian. Each one has some great scenery and attractions nearby.

With five days in Scotland you are sure to see some of the best attractions that the country has to offer as well as the remarkable Tattoo.

Click for more information on Shearings coach trip to the Edinburgh Tattoo.

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