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Alfa Travel specialise mainly in tours around the UK. They journey all over England, Scotland and Wales to destinations including Oban, Tenby, Torquay and the Isle of Man. There are also a selection of continental tours to France, Germany and Holland. Alfa Travel breaks range from two to fourteen day durations.

For the majority of these tours, Alfa Travel will pick-up at a variety of points in the Midlands, North East, North West and South East. There is also the opportunity to use their hotels alongside a self-drive option.

Most of Alfa Travel’s passengers will stay at one of the sixteen hotels owned by sister company Leisureplex Ltd. With this close association to their hotels they are able to closely monitor the quality of accommodation on offer to their clients. Similarly, they own their own fleet of luxury coaches, complete with reclining seats and high standards. Occasionally they supplement these with reliable local operators.

Alfa’s Travels groups department can also offer bespoke tours for all sorts of groups, be it schools, youth clubs or, simply, friends and family. They will use their years of experience to tailor-make itineraries and give close support.

There are a range of brochures on offer from most travel agents and can also be requested on their website and with two offices based in England there is also a member of staff on hand to answer your questions.

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  1. The REGINA is the POOREST HOTEL that I have ever visited, it should be closed down ! ALFA Travel are by far the the WORSE tour operator that I have EVER known.

    I am 76 and my travel partner is 82. We booked a week in the Regina Hotel via Alfa Travel. We have travelled many times with various tour operators without complaint.

    As we are not very mobile, we requested an easily accessible room. We were given a 1st floor room, overlooking the loading bay/refuse area at the rear of the Hotel. Outside of the room were 4 Large Air conditioning/extractor units from the Kitchen. We were unable to sleep due to the noise and the smell (from the bins and the kitchen). There were bin bags left piled up next to skips in the loading bay, which were not sealed properly, and left over food was sprawled across the yard.

    The room had a balcony door, that was a stairway fire escape leading onto the loading bay. A member of staff warned us to keep the door shut at night, in case that RATS came into our room. Not only was it concerning that the staff warned us of rats being prominent, but also the fact that the bins and left over food left out in the yard, would act us an invitation to all sorts of vermin.

    The lift (the only one in a hotel for 150 people), was only big enough to fit 4 people in. It was very old, slow and out-dated. The whole hotel itself was dirty and in need of care and attention. The dining room is a health hazard. They do not have enough space or tables within the dining area – im not sure how people would have escaped if there was a fire ! 6 People were being sat on tables that are designed for 4, and there was no room for manouvere. The food was of a very poor/basic standard, and eating at the hotel was an uncomfortable experience.

    We complained to the hotel manager, who could only offer an alternative room and was not sympathetic to our concerns. He was rude and arrogant, giving us an alternative table in the dining area directly in the middle of the open door, traffic of people and the draft. The ALFA rep on the holiday was also unhelpful, telling us that we have to complain to the hotel manager as he could not do anything. The Rep agreed that this is the worse hotel that he had stayed in. No alternative was offered. After 2 days in the hotel, we wanted to come home, however, the cost of a return train fair was far too much for us to be able to afford.

    We were very dissapointed with the whole experience and returned home feeling very stressed. We took photographs and raised a complaint with ALFA upon our return. ALFA’s so called “customer service team” have been very un-helpful and unsympathetic, saying that the hotel has no record of our complaint and that our expectations of the holiday were unreasonable, and that our complaints were down to fault of our own having not dealt with them appropriately during our trip ! They said that they will offer no refund, nor respond to our complaint, as their handbook (that was sent to us after the booking was made), says that we had to raise complaints with the hotel manager and rep whilst on holiday or otherwise telephone the “emergency number” in the handbook. As they claim that we did not follow this procedure, Alfa will not take our complaint seriously or offer any apology or compensation. This is very unfair, and should not be used as a disclaimer for liability.

    Given that ALFA claim to cater for needs of elderly travellers, they have acted completely unreasonably, hiding behind the “small print” and their customer care is appalling . We are not technology savvy (I have had to get my grandson to put this report on the internet) and we do not have mobile phones, and would not expect to have to ring an “emergency number” during our holiday. We raised a complaint in what we thought was a reasonable manner and found that the people at fault were unhelpful and unsympathetic. We are now considering pursuing a claim against ALFA. The premium that we paid ALFA for this holiday was very expensive and they do not offer value for money. There are far better travel companies that can cater for the needs of elderly travellers. I WOULD NOT RECOMEND ALFA TRAVEL TO ANYONE !!

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